Namaste CHAI

An infographic project for a recipe


How to illustrate an effectual infographic for

a recipe

Chai is a unique item served in small glasses. There’s not a day that goes by that Asian people don’t either make themselves a cup, or pine for it. This infographic will tell you how make a chai (tea) with perfect blend of Indian spices.

Role & Duration


Illustration and visual Design

Summer 20', 2 weeks


Sketches and moodboards

My aim was to create a clean and light infographic poster that would enhance all the features of Chai (tea). I decided to create black and white sketches with a few ancient design patterns. 

Rough layout sketch

Illustrating image styles and patterns

Detailed layout explorations

After making the basic layout and work for infographic, I iterated header section to create strong entrance for the infographic. Creating header section was most challenging part of this design. Due to ample of design ideas it was complicated to stick on one. Having "masala" word at the middle of header would create focus on the header. The title is mix and bold with italic "masala". This completed the objective of infographic project. 


The process begins

I wanted to create a heading focusing on the street style chai stall. It includes typical tea vessel and shot glasses. The typography consists of handwritten font which gives a messy look to the story. 

Making of Chai (Tea)

The story of infographic starts with the man pouring hot tea, into the vessel. The street style way of serving tea is illustrated in the initial part.  

Serving Stage

The infographic end with the hot tea pouring in the shot glass with snacks


How did it go?

The hardest challenge in this project was to connect and curate the organic hand drawn illustration style in a frame to make information easy to read and scan. I enjoyed depicting something that such an important part of everyday life in my country through this fun illustration style.

Are you a design geek, a pretzel lover, a movie buff, or a foodie who likes trying out new cuisines? If yay, do get in touch! ✨

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