1. India born and bred

  2. Cloud UX Design Intern at RealityAI

  3. Graduate student at UMBC

  4. Libra by blood

  5. #shotoniphone

I'm Savani, final year Master's student at University of Maryland, Baltimore County's HCI program. Every place I visit, I've experienced different perspective on design (see where I've been). I have an insatiable desire to explore the world and understand cultures outside my own.I see the diversity of people and cultures I grew up with as a resource for better design. With a passion for emerging technology and inclusive design, I strive to create experience that connect design human behavior and cultural insights. As a student of design, I hope to continue improving my work and learning new disciplines to make a difference in the social civic sphere.  I grew up in India and my ability to quickly adjust to new challenges in life comes from that. Owing to my diverse upbringing, I embrace all cultures and try to bring it to the designs I create.

🙆🏻‍♀️ Little more about my life at this moment

🔬 Currently Research Assistant at DARE labs @UMBC

📌 Previously at Banyan Hills Technologies

📚 Reading books and wikipedia

🥨 Enjoying pretzels

📻 Singing classical songs

🎨 Mindless Doodles

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I draw and make art to communicate ideas in a way everyone understands.


I’m also incredibly inspired by traveling. It helps me recover from when I feel creatively stunted.


Are you a design geek, a pretzel lover, a movie buff or a foodie who likes trying out new cuisines? If yay, do get in touch! ✨

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