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Hi, I'm Savani.  

/such-Va-nee SHROH-tree/

I am Savani

A UX Designer with 2 years of experience in IoT enterprise software like Reliance, Banyan Hills Technologies, and Reality AI. Currently, I am working with a design team focused on GEP's growth and platform engineering. Prior to this, at Reality AI, I worked for the Cloud Artificial Intelligence team with features like Edge AI reaching millions of devices.  

I enjoy working on making complex enterprise solutions consumer simple. I believe this combination has allowed me to cultivate a multifaceted thinking process and has also kept me excited about that occasional "suit up day".  

Every place I visit, I've experienced different perspectives on design [
see where I've been]. I have an insatiable desire to explore the world and understand cultures outside my own. I see the diversity of people and cultures I grew up with as a resource for a better design. With a passion for emerging technology and inclusive design, I strive to create an experience that connects design human behavior and cultural insights.

Alongside work, I love working on my art and spent the summer curating and displaying my solo artwork on Instagram, showcasing a series of paintings and illustrations. 

I value

🔡  Beautiful typography and colors
🧘🏻‍♀️  Exploration and keeping a beginner's mind
🙌🏻  Products that want the best for their users
🎳  Supportive and collaborative team

I'd like to

👥  Create impactful solutions that reach a larger audience
👏   Work where diversity and inclusion are valued
🔦  Explore things outside by skillset
🌱  Keep growing

ILLUSTRATIONS- I draw and make art to communicate ideas in a way everyone understands.

PHOTOGRAPHY- I’m also incredibly inspired by traveling. It helps me recover from when I feel creatively stunted.

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